Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three, and counting

I have to say, I do love to wake up to snow. I'm quite confident that people on the East Coast are not saying the same thing this morning. I'm sorry for them, but those of us here in the Pacific Northwest are enjoying them. Here, snowflakes are few and far between, and they are very often wet, soggy and oh so temporary. One of the little joys that goes along with this is, it seems like I have a new car. The color changes, and it gets clean. Sadly, it has only looked clean once since last winter's snow.

I don't have to go outside to tell that it is a wet snow, though. I can hear the slushy wetness rushing out ahead of rolling tires, as the cars pass by. It lacks the crisp crunchy screech of styrofoam bits being rubbed together.

For now, I'll sit back and sip my coffee by the fire, and be awed and comfortable as the flakes continue to fall.

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