Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Now it is ten ...


Now, it is ten days to go. I'll be very up front about something. I have a few poems (six) done in advance, as back ups. I will try to deliver one new poem every day. However, so that I don't end up missing any days, I have these ready. Let's call them my sick days. As a teacher, I get 12 sick days. As a Pseudo-employee of myself, during this "year of poetry," I feel a little ripped off.

"Hey, only six sick days? If there were more of me, I/we would go on strike."

As a pseudo-employer of myself, I have to say, "Suck it up you whiner. You are probably going to work about 15 minutes a day on this, and you're bitching?"

"All right, I'll stop worrying about it. I guess I can deal with six days." Yikes, I didn't even think about that. I hope he (I) doesn't (don't) think any more about this or he (I) might pull those six days. Shhhhhh!

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