Saturday, December 17, 2011


Whispers for another
Can be a tool
Of power
Raise the heart and
Plant a seed
And help it grow
To flower

Whispers for another
Can hide the strength
To tilt
The soul of one who
Listens in, and
Cause the flower
To wilt

Ken Goree

I was thinking about friendship, today.  The friends I keep around me support me, love me, and call me out when I am not heading in the right direction.  I am a happy, lucky man, and I know it. 

Unfortunately, I see others, who have friends around who are not helpful to them.  These “friends” support their sadness and help to magnify the interesting inconveniences of life as if they were malicious demons singling us out, one by one. 

I choose to keep my wonderful friends close, and gather innumerable more of the same breed.

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