Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bringing Me Back

Again and again your smiling faces
Greet me in the morning
With any other class I’ve had
I might take that as a warning

But with you all I recognize
An attitude superior
The closer to getting back to you, Class
I feel my mood get cheerier

It’s nice how daily I receive
Compliments on my clothes
With all your kind and pleasant acts
Your wonderfulness shows

So when each Monday comes again
Some folks are feeling sour
I’m thrilled to realize I’ll soon see you
I count minutes and each hour

As winter break approaches me
I anticipate the parting
And as you walk out, I’ll try not to
Cry while you’re departing

Then through two weeks of holiday
Sitting solemn as fireplace burns
Once again I know that I will be
Happy at your returns

Ken Goree

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