Friday, December 2, 2011


It used to be, that when I said something
Those words would roll out with just the right ring

When spoke in the past, t’was diplomatic
Calming effect, didn’t cause any static

But now, no matter, what I happen to say
It never seems to come out the right way.

I open my lips, and try for a song
My words don’t you know, they come out quite wrong

I do honestly try, not to offend
I really do wish, my “mis-saids” would end

So I realized that, apparently
The foul taste of foot, must appeal to me.

Ken Goree

I didn’t actually say anything to “put my foot in my mouth,” but I have seen it done repeatedly by acquaintances lately, and I have been in situations where it seems like it would have been a very easy thing to do.

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