Thursday, December 22, 2011

Different Roads

So passionate a dialogue
And each does feel they’re right
Amazing that we want the same
Why is this such a fight

Want my children to grow up strong
And want them to be kind
Wish them goodness all ways through
And happiness to find

And know you want the same for yours
Won’t  imagine that they can’t
Live a life of carefree joy
What else would good God grant

Though on and on we argue
The way that gets there best
Sure you don’t know what you’re saying
And sure that our way’s blessed

When this all is said and done
And the end point is quite clear
I hope for all our children’s sake
We can all stand up and cheer

Ken Goree

I had a fantastic evening with wonderful friends, tonight.  We had a spirited dialogue about how the world should be run.  Interestingly, we all left feeling that the others there didn't get the points that we saw so clearly.  The most incredible part is, we all still left with love in our hearts, wishing the others would someday see more clearly.  

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