Friday, December 9, 2011

The Blessing of Absence

I have never understood
How evil can persist
When the foul folk do take charge
Good souls stand and resist

Evil comes in many forms
Some of them are quite small
Other’s tower hungrily
Try to devour all

In my life I must sing loud
That I don’t currently
Have that darkness in my world
Life does treat me gently

Absence of my own blackness
Has yet not blinded me
To wicked deeds around me
Of them you should be free

Karma is a funny thing
Universal balance
It seems it work better
With a more timely stance

A flaming sword of justice
With a merciless sweep
Could balance things more justly
A consequence replete

I never want to play God
Though willing in a thrice
To write his vengeance list
And give some small advice

Ken Goree

My life is good, and I have no call to complain for myself.  However, I witness intentional cruelty, destruction and pain heaped on some of my friends, and I spend great thought on the question, “Why is this evil allowed to persist.”  In a less “civilized,” but more just and fair world, a community would have dealt with these problems expediently, without guilt or remorse, and the world would be improved.  Darwin’s theory of natural selection (interpreted by a laymen), has died.  We provide protection for the sick and twisted, which would have been removed from the gene pool, as it should have been, be, long before this point.

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