Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quenching the Dragon

Where does the dragon come from?
Where do the fires begin?
How does one ever
Quench the fire within?

What fuels the stream and boil?
What feeds the fire and burn
The dragon vomits forth pain
Repaying his scars all in turn

When will the cauldron be cooled
Does fire now feed on itself
When no more gas has been added
Does the dragon now feed on itself

I wish not to slay this foul dragon
Nor let his vile tyranny linger
Not remove the best of his nature
But train him to be a bit tamer

The good knights are coming to take him
Before he lies dead on his pyre
Can someone please tell me the secret
To quenching this dragon’s fire

Ken Goree

Sometimes we ask, “Where did the dragon come from,” and sometimes its origins are obvious.  My question; can the damage be repaired?  By applying the medicine to soothe the irritation, clearing away the brush pile of pain and suffering, humiliation and disappointment, and blocking any new fuel from being thrown on the fire, do we quench the dragon, or does the dragon begin to feed on itself?

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