Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Laugh

Dang I can’t believe it
I got my shot this date
Influenza has got into me
That shot a little late

So now I get the feeling,
That my daughter felt
I should have given sympathy
Over the hand that she was dealt

For now, I sit here shivering
In a room that is quite hot
Muscle are now sore and aching
From her, a sickness I have got

So far, I have not asked a soul
In voice that’s weak and shaky
For soup, or blanket for my hide
Though my body is still achy

The beauty of this situation
Is time heals wholes and half
As Girlie makes some fun of me
I think I’ll have last laugh

The planet’s got a limit of bugs
68 of them are flu
I’ve had 67 of those
Carly only two

Ken Goree

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