Friday, July 29, 2011


From flat
Unbroken plains
Sand etched
Pale stone
Swelling meadows of
Wind whipped grass
Shear cliffs dropping into
Flash-flood carved ravines
Humming solitude
Prepares the soul
To feel the presence of
The Maker

Ken Goree

In North Central Montana there is a series of three buttes that long ago were pushed up through the plains.  They are called the Sweetgrass Hills.  Long ago Native Americans used the hills for their spiritual purposes.  I totally understand.  While walking up along the slopes I felt more connected to the universe, and the power that created it than I have in years.  It is a special place.

This is a website that highlights the area.  In no way does anything I have found online come close to really letting a person know what that area really feels like, though.

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