Friday, July 22, 2011


I just saw a child
Scratching his head top
His finger had a booger on it
I wanted to scream STOP!

I saw another munchkin
Furiously scratch her head
She saw her friend had messy hair
“Here, use my brush,” she said.

One more from the bathroom came, and
Did something I can’t stand
Reached in his buddies Doritos bag, but
He hadn’t washed his hand

Ken Goree

I looked up earlier today to see one of my summer school kids digging diligently into his nostril, with his right-hand’s index finger.  Then he ran his hand through his hair immediately afterward.  It brought back other appetite blocking memories from the previous school year.


  1. Ken, you inspire me....


    Staring at the road ahead
    Listening to the news,
    Your mind is somewhere else instead
    As your fingers peruse,
    Your nose.

  2. Anne,

    I'm glad I could help you
    Find your muse ...
    Was it where your
    Fingers peruse?