Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Night’s a Blur

Falling out of bed today
I really need my coffee
Oh my God, what happened last night
I can barely see

My head feels like it’s inside-out
Pounded by a hammer
Rustled sheets, they even sound
Just like a raucous clamor

My tongue it feels like kitty’s tongue
All dry and kind of rough
Yuck, I’ve seen what kitty eats
Oh Lord, don’t make me laugh

My stomach feels all raw and empty
I dare not fill it up
If I were to break my fast
I swear I would just throw up

Some say to drink is a big sin
I do think that’s odd
“Heck no,” I say, “It makes me pray.”
Drink brings me close to God

Ken Goree

This is not my hangover, however, I have done some active research into the subject.  This poem is to fill the request of a friend whom I’ve known since early elementary school.

1 comment:

  1. Not today's hangover, eh? It felt like you were writing from an intimate experience today due to how well it was written. It were as if you were one with the hangover. Impressive!!!!