Monday, July 18, 2011

Cross, and Un-fit

I tried to start this fine day out
With some exercise
It’s been, oh, much too long
My trainer would chastise

I tried a mix of different work
Lunge, squat, jump, oh my
If I do another set of these
I may lie down and die

I used to do these things, no sweat
I do not know what happened
If you say, “Just one more set.”
You cannot be my friend

I say this all with tongue-in-cheek
Well, maybe not completely
If asked to workout, soon again
I just may not agree

I know this is all good for me
I’ll get so looking svelte
I’m just not sure it’s worth it
Oh, the pain I’ve felt.

Ken Goree

I did another Cross-fit workout this morning.  It isn’t really as bad as I make out in this poem, but it seemed like it might be more accessible to a greater number of people this way.  

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