Monday, May 30, 2011

Sharp Shooter

“Hey kid,
Whatcha doin?”
Hunting rattlers”
“Interested in
“Might want
To get
The one
By your
Leap, fire, scream
“Nice shot,

Ken Goree

I think I was eight on this visit to the family farm, in Tennessee.  My dad had let me bring my bb gun along.  Of course, I was going to try to hunt for poisonous snakes.  What would you excpect a boy with a bb gun to do in “snake country.”  There was a family renting the farm at the time, and one of the teenage boys came to see what I was doing.  I was standing about eight inches from a copperhead.  They aren’t nearly as helpful as rattle snakes.  The rattlesnakes warn you, at least.  I jumped and fired as it struck.  I’m guessing that bite would have really hurt.

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