Monday, May 16, 2011

One Stick

Stick of
Solid hickory wood
Split, cut to length
For a man of energy

Strong wood
Giving itself for
A tool of necessity
Life giving protection for man

Using self
Mind and strength
Calling forth from wood
Artful tool of useful invention

Push, shape
Back and forth
To bring form to
Fruition as a new bow

Ken Goree

I was looking at my wall … doesn’t everyone, and I started thinking of the decoration that hangs there.  It is a hickory bow, which I made last summer.  I have to give credit to my friend Katie Johnson.  She gave me the gift certificate to the bow making class. 

I had a wonderful time over two days.  I started with one straight, unformed piece of wood.  It was hickory.  I pushed, scraped, carved and stretched the wood until it took form as a bow.  In the end, I ended up with a graceful decoration for my wall, possibly an exciting object of imagination and sport for my grandchildren, someday … hopefully, not too soon.  

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