Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Light Beyond

Dark, grey veil
Drawing will
And good humor from
Too long in
Its shadow

Crisp, clear vision
Flooding in
God’s rushing thrill, held from
Long holding

Ken Goree

I’ve always wondered about those splendid shudders that we sometimes get, when something strikes an emotional chord with us.  Could it be a brief moment of touching “The Infinite?”  Could that be the sensation the Dalia Lama experiences all the time?  We hear that we couldn’t withstand the awesome power of God’s voice.  Could this be the echo, of an echo of God? 

This poem was inspired this morning as I drove over a hill.  Yes, the sky above me was covered over with an unbroken, oppressive grey mass of clouds.  Ahead, the Olympic Mountains sparkled with a clarity that wasn’t available, closer at hand.

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  1. Beautiful. Reading this poem with a cup of coffee is a wonderful way to start Memorial Day. Thank you!