Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Getting Knifed

I don’t like to feel the knife
A sensation most unpleasant
Separating flesh from flesh
I’d say I’m slightly hesitant

I don’t think I’ll call the doc
I’m pretty sure he’ll say
“It’s time to take the knife to you
Right now, we shouldn’t delay

Ken Goree

Does anyone remember the REALLY old Bill Cosby comedy routine about the time he had a hernia, when he was a kid.  Every time he lifted something heavy his guts would shoot out and knock things over.  He became a neighborhood celebrity, and the kids would have him lift things like manhole covers.  I don’t have a little brother named Russell, but I think I have one of those things that makes your guts shoot out when you lift heavy stuff.  So if I get “knifed,” do you think the doctor will let me watch?

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