Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fathers’ Day Gift

My child for this Fathers’ Day
Did buy her pop a gift
Though I guess the thought was sweet
It may just cause a rift

You see she knows her dad quite well
He’d like to solve world problems
But did she have to buy me undies
With Spiderman right on them

Just the other day she asked
“Dad have you worn the shorts?”
I had been holding off, you see
And she was getting out of sorts

So when this morning’s sun did rise
I dressed with some forethought
I put on those Spidey undies
The ones my daughter bought

I went to work without occasion
Hero shorts a’hidden
I tugged and twisted all day long
Those undies weren’t quite fittin’

So when the work day fin’ly ended
My Spidey shorts still worn
I could go workout, or rest
I really was quite torn

Workout won out, today you see
Some some sweat, I do suppose
So I went in to change, you see
Spidey, I did expose

No matter that no one did see
That I wore goofy drawers
I did quickly leave that place
Right out through those front doors

Ken Goree

Yes, my daughter did get me the Spidey shorts for Fathers’ Day.  I’ve always said I wanted to be a superhero.  How many dad’s can say their teenage daughter pays that much attention to what they say?  Sweet isn’t it?  She liked the gym story.  It really did happen.

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