Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I see that
You’ve arrived
This day
To talk about
Your son

I have felt
A raging fear
That you
Have lost your

A growing boy
Who's lost
His way
Can’t find a
Guiding sun

He’s been so long
Now searching
On a quest
That isn’t

Who he is
He does not know
From foundation
He has
So spun

Let him
Never think
From you
Guidance there is

Stay with him
Or you’ll find
Your company
He will shun

Set him on
A solid path
And as a father
You’ll have

Ken Goree

I want to give thanks for a single father, who showed up to his son’s conference today; after not showing up the three previous times.  My students know that I don’t hold grudges.  Each morning, they arrive, and they are once again untarnished and without sin.  An individual child can prove me wrong throughout the day, but each new morning I see a new blossom ready to show its beauty and value to the world.  Some need more nurturing and fertilizing than the others, but I know that they all have the potential to be a treasure to share.  I give the same honor and respect to parents who are making the effort to help their children grow and thrive.


  1. I love you. You are such an amazing teacher and soul, my friend.