Saturday, January 14, 2012

Short Story #2 Posted on Short Story Blog

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The actual title of the blog has changed to "Ken Goree's Short Stories."  A friend pointed out to me that she felt a bit strange about signing up for "Ken's Shorts."  Oops, I guess I understand that issue.

Well, so far I have met my short story writing resolution, for January.  The first story went out on the first, and the second story is ready to go out tomorrow, January 15th.

It is a personal narrative, and a humor piece, all in one.  It is a memoir of a camping trip with my daughter, Carly.  I reviewed it, and am pretty sure there are no actual lies, though possibly a bit of stretching was involved.  Were anyone interested, I have another version that is excessively stretched.  I may post it in a few days, though I will not count it as a separate short story, for purposes of meeting my 2-per-month goal.  It is a bit childish, so much more appropriate for the sensibilities of the men in the audience.

One-twelfth of the way there, already?  This has a much different feel to it than the poetry blog had.

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